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Health Concerns/ Warranty

While we do everything in our power to breed healthy dogs there is no guarantee of health. We have tested our dogs for hip/ elbow/ eye and heart issues and where appropriate we also have genetic testing done on them. While there are no guarantees that any dog will have a lifetime of good health, we offer our puppies a 1 year Warranty for any genetic defect (hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, severe eye issues, heart defects, and cancer) that is found.  We know that our buyers most likely do not want to return their babies so we offer a full refund of purchase price if a problem is found and confirmed.   We also want our buyers to know that environmental issues can contribute highly to hip and elbow dysplasia and send puppy buyers home with recommendations on keeping puppy at a healthy weight, on high quality food, and not to over-exercise during the first 18 months.   

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