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We are a small breeder of beautiful, healthy, and calm English Cream Golden Retrievers based in Houston, TX. We have fallen in love with this breed and know that you will too. 






Our Dogs:


Montana Mist Goose "Goose"


Goose is our 7 yr old male. He is medium sized at 72 pounds but thinks he is a lap dog. He is the most loyal companion I have ever had. He would be happy sitting next to me on our couch all day.  He has also been the most calm dog I have ever owned. Even as a puppy he was extremely calm and never chewed a thing. He is AKC Registered, 100% English Cream, Champion Blood Lines, blocky head, light cream coat, very calm personality, and not an aggressive bone in him. He is has his OFA Hip (Good), Elbow (Normal), Eye (normal) and heart clearances (Normal). Goose works as a therapy dog with special needs and elderly patients and has his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification.  Click here for pedigree info.

We love the English Golden Retriever for its calm personality, beautiful coat, and health standards. We have had American Golden Retrievers before and fell in love with the English Cream because of their calm personality and beautiful build. There have also been studies that result in  English Goldens having a much lower cancer rate (30% vs 60%) than the American Golden as well as longer average life span (12 years vs 10). However, every dog has a unique makeup and I have known several American Golden's living 13-15 years and English Cream Goldens that get cancer. We choose our Goldens for their health, their calm and friendly personalities and ability to be great family additions.  We only breed one or two litters a year so that our pups can be raised indoors and are exposed to lots of kids and noises while they are in their critical development stage. Our pups become confident and well-adjusted dogs and many of our families come back to get pup siblings. Many of our pups have gone on to become therapy dogs like their dad.  We have both Dams and Sire on-site and invite you to meet them when deciding on a puppy.

Tramin Credo in Te "Lacy"


Lacy was imported from Ukraine from the impressive Tramin line. She is AKC registered, 100% English Cream and has extensive championship bloodlines. She has a beautiful wavy thick coat and a playful personality and weighs around 60 pounds. She is great around kids and is a great family companion. She has excellent hips and elbow (results here), and clear heart and eye tests (results here). She also has been genetically tested and is PRA 1&2 clear as well as ICT clear so her pups will not be affected (genetic test results).  Click here for pedigree info.


White Stone Delta "Delta"


Delta came to us from White Stone Goldens in New York and is our youngest family member. She lives in the Heights with her host mom, Claire, and gets to visit often. Delta loves to swim and is full of energy (when she is not napping on the couch).  She also just loves everyone. This beautiful dog comes from champion bloodlines and has all of her health clearances (results here). She is clear of all genetic diseases that affect this breed and has produced beautiful pups. Click on the image for more pictures. Click here for pedigree info.


Texas Cream Ruby Sue "Ruby"


Ruby is our newest girl. She lives in the Heights with her host family with 3 active boys, and gets lots of attention and loves to chase balls. Her mom describes Ruby as the best dog she has ever had. She is clear of all genetic diseases that affect this breed and should produce  beautiful blocky pups. Click on the image for more pictures.


Available Puppies


We are a small breeder who have formed a partnerships with a breeders to provide our Texas families with healthy, well-adjusted puppies that are bred with the same rigorous standards we use here. Please inquire via email at 



Total cost for limited registration pups is $3000-  $4,000 (contact us about first pick/ full-registration). We spend thousands of dollars making sure we give our babies the best chance possible for long healthy lives. The upfront cost of a dog is a drop in the bucket when looking at the lifetime cost of owning a pet. 


About us



We began breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers based on our love for this breed and their reliable temperament and health. Goose (Montana Mist Goose) was our first English Cream colored Golden Retriever and he was remarkably calmer and easier to raise and train than our previous American Goldens. Goose became a Therapy Dog at 1 year old and is currently working with hospital patients and special needs adults and kids all over town.  On top of his calm and loving demeanor, he has a beautiful blocky head and light white coat reflecting his champion bloodline. He has his OFA Hip, Elbow, heart, and eye clearances as well as full genetic testing.

Our dogs are chosen for their health and personality. We try to ensure we give our puppies the best chance possible for a long healthy life.


We choose to breed these golden after reading the research on the lower cancer incidents in English Cream vs. American Golden retrievers (30% vs. 60%) and not finding many breeders in our area.  I always suggest meeting the parents whenever possible in your search for a puppy and we love our puppy families to come visit with us. We focus our breeding on temperament and health- wanting to breed beautiful friendly dogs that have the best chance of living healthy/ long lives. As parents of young children, having dogs with reliable and calm personalities is of utmost importance to us. The golden retriever is a great family dog and we want to improve the breed by only breeding healthy dogs with great personalities.


We are based in the Heights in Houston, Texas and our puppies are raised in our home with our 2 boys (and lots of visiting kids). All of our English Cream Golden Retriever puppies receive lots of love, attention, socialization, and are started on basic training. Our goal is to raise and have confident, secure puppies that are able to adjust quickly to new environments, things, people, places, and to choose families that can continue their training and care.



We are located in the Houston, Heights- near downtown. 



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