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A lot of people ask me about shedding for these guys. I have 3 dogs living full time at my house and it can get bad with that many. I recommend a good brushing frequently and good vacuums. My favorite vacuum at the moment is the Dyson stick vacuum. I keep one on each floor of our house. It is lightweight enough for a 6 year old to use so we put the kids to work frequently on the hair. The lightweight fluffy hair usually accumlates in corners so it is easy to vacuum up. Unlike a lab hair that sticks into fabric, the golden's hair is easy to remove from couches but just rubbing a damp hand over or do a quick vacuum with a handheld. Goldens do not need to be shaved, their undercoat keeps them cool in the summer, but a good brushing to thin it out can help reduce the shedding. If you are not a fan of white fluff in your house, this is not the breed for you!

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